Europe – Day 1

On Thursday the 14th of July I set off for the adventure of a lifetime, travelling around England, Europe and USA solo! For those of you who know me you’ll know this is a big step for me as I’m not one to usually venture out of my comfort zone!

I have been planning to travel to Europe for 4 years but plans fall through and, well life happens. The 24 hour journey here from Australia doesn’t make it easy! Last year I finally decided I was going to make my way over this summer. I was so jealous seeing half my newsfeed filled with posts of so many people having the time of their lives travelling around Europe whilst I was stuck at home. So yes, I’m proud to say I’m now that person constantly uploading photos from my trip abroad to keep my family and friends updated, sorry not sorry! 

I landed in London around 6:30 am on Friday. After waiting for an hour to go through customs, I finally got the coverted stamp in my passport and of course it was on a page that already had a stamp, why do they do that?! I arrived at my hotel an hour and a half later and was able to check into my room early, it’s the little things in life that make you happy! I was determined to tick off as many tourist spots as I could on my short stay in London. First stop, Shake Shack at Covent Garden of course. From there I walked to Trafalgar Square, down The Mall to Buckingham Palace, up Constitution Hill to Hyde Park and then to Harrods in Knightsbridge. Going on very little sleep and trying to adjust to the time zone (Australia is 9 hours ahead of London) I couldn’t walk any further. I stopped for a refreshing green iced tea with mango at Starbucks and people watched from the 2nd floor. My last stop of the day was Sushi Samba, an amazing restaurant 38 floors high, to have cocktails with a friend I met back home. 

What an amazing first day in London! Be on the lookout for daily posts (wifi permitted) over the next 6 weeks. 


Shake Shack


Trafalgar Square


Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace Gardens


Hyde Park


The Serpentine at Hyde Park





Sushi Samba


£13 cocktails at Sushi Samba


The view from 38 storeys high



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